Biography of Sultan Suleiman II / Extra History of Sultan Suleiman II

 Biography of Sultan Suleiman II. Welcome to Biography category. Today we will discuss life and achievements of Sultan Suleiman II. In this article i will share Extra History of Sultan Suleiman II.

Biography of Sultan Suleiman II

  • Title: Sultan
  • Date of birth: April 15, 1642
  • Date of death: June 22, 1691
  • City: Istanbul
  • Country: Turkey
  • Zodiac sign: Ram

Sultan Suleiman II was born on April 15, 1642 in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Ibrahim I and his mother is Saliha Dilaşub Sultan. He was a middle-sized, grey-bearded, fat and well-to-do sultan. He was meticulously raised by his mother, Saliha Dilaşub Sultan, who was a religious, honest and intelligent person. While he was giving his son the necessary information, he was also hiring teachers. Sultan Suleiman II, who spent forty years of his life in prison in an apartment, was a brave, religious, patriotic, compassionate and kind person. He was extremely hostile to bribery and debauchery. When he was the sultan, when the military tyrants made a mess, he started to fight with them and partially ensured the order.While Sultan Suleiman the Second was dealing with his own internal affairs, there was also turmoil in Venice and Poland.

 However, Austria, which had ensured the security for that moment, was able to take advantage of the chaos environment that the Ottomans were in. Crossing the Danube, the Austrian forces captured Eğri (14 November 1687) Istoni and Belgrade (6 September 1688). The fall of Belgrade opened the way for the Europeans to the Balkans. Bosnia, Erdel and Wallachia were occupied by the Austrians. The Ottoman forces, which recovered in the face of this advance, launched the counter-attack. On October 30, 1688, the Ottoman forces under the command of Çelebi İbrahim Pasha won the victory in Eğriboz.

 In the summer of 1989, Sultan Suleiman the Second went on a campaign to Austria.The renewed Ottoman forces under the command of Grand Vizier Köprülü Fazıl Mustafa Pasha recaptured Gladova and Orsova on 8 July 1690. Although Kanije fell into enemy hands on 11 July 1690, Ottoman forces were able to recapture Belgrade on 8 October 1690. Thus, the Danube Line was re-established. Sultan Suleiman II ruled for a short period of 4 years. He spent the last two years of this as a bed patient. He was getting weaker day by day. He died in Edirne on 22 June 1691. His body was brought to Istanbul and buried in the tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent, next to the Süleymaniye Mosque.

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