Biography Of Osman Gazi / Extra History of Osman Gazi

Biography of Osman Gazi. Welcome to Biography category. Today we will discuss life and achievements of  Osman Gazi. In this article i will share Extra History of Osman Gazi.

Biography Of Osman Gazi

  •  Date of birth: 1258
  • Date of death:1326
  • City: Bilecik
  • Country: Turkey

Biography Of Osman Gazi :

Osman Gazi, Who is the founder of the 'Ottoman Empire', was born in 1258 in Söğüt city. His father is Ertuğrul Gazi and his mother is Hayme Hatun. Osman Gazi, who took over the management of the Kayı Tribe in 1281, at the age of 23, gained a reputation for his skill in riding a horse, wielding a sword and fighting.

 He married Mal Hatun, daughter of Ömer Bey, one of the notables of the tribe; From this marriage, his son Orhan Gazi, who would become the head of the Ottoman Empire in the future, was born.Osman Gazi valued the views of Edebali, one of the Ahi sheikhs he went to frequently, and respected him greatly. Osman Gazi had a dream while he was a guest in Sheikh Edebali's lodge one night. In the morning, he told Sheikh Edebali about his dream:“My Sheikh, you entered my dream. It's been a month off your chest. It rose, it rose, then it fell into my bosom. A tree began to grow from my belly. It's grown and green. The branch swayed. The shadow of its branches held the whole world. What does my dream mean?"After being silent for a while, the Sheikh said:“Good news, O Osman! Allah Almighty has given you and your son a sultanate.

Who is Osman Gazi :

 The whole world will be under the protection of your son, and my daughter will be your wife.”After this event, the Sheikh gave his daughter Bala Hatun to Osman Bey. From this marriage, Alaeddin was born.Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, whose foundations were laid in Söğüt and which would rule on three continents for 600 years. Osman Gazi died in 1326 in Bursa from a dangerous Nikris (goutte) disease.

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