Biography of Sultan Mustafa I / Extra History of Sultan Mustafa I

Biography of Sultan Mustafa I. Welcome to Biography category. Today we will discuss life and achievements of  Sultan Mustafa I. In this article i will share Extra History of Sultan Mustafa I.

Biography of Sultan Mustafa I

  • Title: Sultan
  • Date of birth: 1592
  • Date of death: 20 January 1639
  • City: Manisa
  • Country: Turkey

Sultan Mustafa I was born in Manisa in 1592. His father is Sultan Mehmed III and his mother is Handan Sultan. Sultan Mustafa I was a sultan with a beautiful face, sparse beard, yellow complexion and big eyes. He reigned twice. He had a nervous disposition.During the reign of his elder brother, Sultan Ahmed I, Sultan Mustafa I spent 14 years in prison in a room of the palace. At that time, this was considered necessary. Otherwise, the princes would interfere with the state administration, even take action to overthrow the sultan, and the unity of the state would be endangered. In order not to allow this, the princes were "removed" or locked in a room.When Sultan Ahmed I came to the throne, he did not have his brother killed, but he was kept in the palace.

 At the end of this period called cage life, Sultan Mustafa I was enthroned as he was the eldest son of the Ottoman dynasty, but as his unbalanced movements were seen in a short time, it was settled with the alliance of the ulema, soldiers and state officials. Although he was dethroned once again after the dethronement and murder of Sultan Young Osman, he had to be dethroned again 1.5 years later.With Sultan Mustafa I, fratricide was rarely seen, and now the princes began to wait behind the cage in the palace for the day they would ascend to the throne. Of course, the valide sultans started to compete between the mothers of the princes, and each tried to change the sultan with intrigues based on a vizier and other groups. Sultan Mustafa I was a very religious person. He loved to give alms. He would even throw money into the palace pool for servants to collect.

 Sultan Mustafa I spent his life in the palace by worshiping and reading religious works. When he was invited to the throne for the second time, he stated that he was reading the Quran in his room and did not want to be a sultan.The sipahis, who used the murder of Sultan Young Osman as an excuse, revolted on 22 May 1622. When the news of Abaza Pasha's rebellion came to Istanbul, the sipahis, who used the Young Osman tragedy as an excuse, revolted for the second time. Upon the development of events in this way, Cebecibaşı and Kara Davut, who were the murderers of Sultan Young Osman, were executed. Sultan Mustafa I was dethroned again on September 10, 1623, 1.5 years after the start of his second sultanate, with the sheikh al-Islam fatwa. As the justification for the fatwa, it was shown that "a person who is mentally unstable cannot be a caliph". He died in Topkapi Palace on 20 January 1639, 16 years after Sultan Mustafa I was dethroned, due to a nervous illness.

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