Biography of Sultan Mustafa IV / Extra History of Sultan Mustafa IV

 Biography of Sultan Mustafa IV. Welcome to Biography category. Today we will discuss life and achievements of Sultan Mustafa IV. In this article i will share Extra History of Sultan Mustafa IV.

Biography of Sultan Mustafa IV

  • Title: Sultan
  • Date of birth: September 8, 1779
  • Date of death: 17 November 1808
  • City: Istanbul
  • Country: Turkey
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo

Sultan Mustafa IV was born on September 8, 1779 in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Abdulhamid the First, and his mother is Nüketseza Kadın Sultan. His mother, Nüketseza Kadın Sultan, made great efforts for Sultan Mustafa IV to receive a good education. However, Sultan Mustafa the Fourth, who was an ambitious, cunning and nervous person, gave importance to living in pleasure and pleasure rather than education and learning. He was 28 years old when he ascended to the throne on May 29, 1807, replacing his uncle, Sultan Selim III, who was deposed at the end of the Kabakçı Mustafa Rebellion. The fact that Sultan Mustafa IV cooperated with the rebels against Sultan Selim III, who treated him like a son during his princedom and gave orders for his murder, gives an idea about his character. When he ascended the throne, the central authority and dominance of the state was weakening, and the followers of Sultan Selim III and Nizam-ı Cedit were killed where they were captured.

  Kabakçı Mustafa and his followers, who enabled Sultan Mustafa IV to ascend to the throne, played an active role in the state administration and brought their men to important positions. After this revolt, the Ottoman Empire made great concessions to the Janissaries. However, the demands of the janissaries never ceased. In fact, a treaty that had never been seen in Ottoman history was signed.According to this agreement signed by the janissaries, who played a leading role in the Kabakçı Mustafa rebellion, to secure themselves, the janissaries would not interfere in state affairs and the Ottoman Empire would not hold the Janissary corps responsible for this rebellion. The supporters of Sultan Selim III took refuge in Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, the notables of Ruse, in this mixed environment. Alemdar Mustafa Pasha showed great success during the Ottoman-Russian wars and gained the sympathy of the army members.

Alemdar Mustafa Pasha :

Alemdar Mustafa Pasha and his followers started some negotiations to put Sultan Selim III on the throne again. Finally, Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, who marched to Istanbul with an army of 16 thousand people, sent Hacı Ali Ağa to Istanbul and had Kabakçı Mustafa killed (July 19, 1808). Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, who came to Istanbul with his army, came to Babıali after killing many rebels. After making Arif Efendi (Arapzade) a sheikh al-Islam, he went to the palace. Sultan Mustafa IV expelled the sheikh al-Islam, who said that Alemdar Mustafa Pasha had come to make Sultan Selim III the sultan, and ordered the killing of his brother, prince Mahmud and Sultan Selim III. Sultan Selim III was killed immediately.Şehzade Mahmud was kidnapped to the roof of the palace with the help of his concubines and servants.

  Alemdar Mustafa Pasha deposed Sultan Mustafa IV and replaced him with Sultan Mahmud II. Sultan Mahmud II appointed Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, who enabled him to be enthroned, as grand vizier.Mustafa the Fourth, who lived in the palace during the grand viziership of Alemdar Mustafa Pasha and the sultanate of Mahmud II, was killed on 17 November 1808, on the orders of Sultan Mahmud II, during an uprising in which the janissaries tried to make him sultan again. Sultan Mustafa IV, who had an extremely ruthless nature and became weak in the face of his ambitions, causing chaos in the country, went down in Ottoman history with his attitude towards reform movements.Sultan Mustafa the Fourth was engaged in calligraphy. It has some very good writings. In the Ottoman dynasty, he is one of the few who reigned after Sultan Murad the Fifth.

Daughters: Emine Sultan

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