Biography of Sultan Mustafa II / Extra History of Sultan Mustafa II

 Biography of Sultan Mustafa II. Welcome to Biography category. Today we will discuss life and achievements of  Sultan Mustafa II. In this article i will share Extra History of Sultan Mustafa II.

Biography of Sultan Mustafa II

  • Title: Sultan
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1664
  • Date of death: 29 December 1703
  • City: Istanbul
  • Country: Turkey
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Sultan Mustafa II was born on February 6, 1664 in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Mehmed the Fourth and his mother is Emetullah Rabia Gülnuş Sultan. His mother is Cretan. He had a strong education. On the third day of his accession to the throne, he published a calligraphy of the works he would do. In his article: “We have forbidden ourselves pleasure, pleasure and comfort.” he was saying. Again, the article he wrote to one of his viziers is as follows: “I do not need weight and treasure. I eat dry bread instead. I spend my body for the sake of religion. I endure any kind of adversity. Unless the service to my nation is complete, I will not return from the expedition. Of course, I'll go myself next time''.

Karlofch Agreement :

During the reign of Sultan Mustafa II, three great expeditions were organized on Austria. However, with the defeat of Sente on September 11, 1697, the Ottoman Empire was suddenly defenseless. Meanwhile, the Venetians attacked Peloponnese and Dalmatia, and Poland attacked Moldavia. In the same period, Peter the Madman was the head of Russia. Peter the Great had modernized his army and attempted to descend from the straits to the Mediterranean and to dominate the Black Sea.He failed in the attack in 1695, but captured the Azov Fortress a year later (August 6, 1696). At the end of the long wars, the Ottoman Empire was tired. Especially as a result of the intervention of the British government, Sultan Mustafa II consented to peace. With the Treaty of Karlowitz signed, all Hungary and the Erdel Principality, except Banat and Temeşvar, were left to Austria, Ukraine and Podolia to Poland, and the Peloponnese and Dalmatian coasts to the Venetians (26 January 1699).

 The Karlowitz Treaty is the first treaty in which the Ottoman Empire lost territory. After this date, the period of decline of the Ottoman Empire begins. A treaty was also signed with Russia a year later. With the Treaty of Istanbul signed on 14 July 1700, the Azov fortress was left to Russia.The date came to 1703, and the bad course of the Ottoman Empire could not be stopped. It was as if the sultan had forgotten what he had said when he ascended the throne. Although he said "Pleasure and pleasure are forbidden to me", he was organizing hunting parties and wandering around for months.

 Sultan Mustafa II left the state affairs to his grand viziers and his former teacher, Feyzullah Efendi, who later became a sheikh al-Islam. This caused discontent within the army. Dethronement As Sultan Mustafa II became interested in hunting, he started to live in Edirne instead of Istanbul. The soldiers in Istanbul rebelled against this situation and marched on Edirne. Sultan Mustafa II organized the soldiers in Edirne and fixed the roads, but the commanders of the Edirne Army retreated in order not to spill the blood of brothers. The army from Istanbul entered Edirne. Sultan Mustafa II was dethroned. He was succeeded by his own brother, Sultan Ahmed III (22 August 1703). Sultan Mustafa II did not live long after he was dethroned. He died 4 months and 8 days later. His body was brought to Istanbul and buried next to his father, Sultan Mehmed the Fourth, in the Turhan Sultan tomb.

Zoning Studies (ARCHITECTURE) :

The architectural works carried out during the reign of Sultan Mustafa II are as follows; Saraçhanebaşı Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha Complex, Meşruta Mansion on Anadolu Hisarı, Millet Library in Fatih district, Erzurum Kurşunlu Mosque.

Sons: Mahmud I, Osman III, Ahmed III, Little Ahmed, Huseyin, Selim, Mehmed, Murad, Osman

Daughters: Ummugulsum, Ayşe, Emetullah, Emine, Rukiye, Safiye, Zahide, Atike, Fatma, Zeyneb, Zahide

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