Migration of Tribes || Turkish History

 Migration of Tribes and Turks in Eastern and Central Europe (European Huns, Itil / Turks in Europe (European Huns, Itil / Volga Bulgars, Danube Bulgars)

Migration of Tribes || Turkish History

Tribes Migration and After :

After the collapse of the North Hun State in Central Asia (216 AD), some Turkish tribes moved to the west and settled in the west of the Seyhun River, in the North of 'Caucasus' and around of the Dnieper River. The Hun tribes, who settled between the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea in the middle of the century, began to settle in the region extending to the Itil/Volga River in 374. In the same period, two branches of the Germanic tribes settled in the north of the Black Sea. Of these, the Ostrogoths (Eastern Goths) settled between the Don and Dnieper Rivers, and the Visigoths (Western Goths) settled in the west of this geography. On the other hand, the Gepits, who were also from the Germanic tribes, were in Galicia, and the Vandals were in today's Hungary. Apart from these four main groups, Germanic, Iranian, Slavic and similar communities were living in different regions of the same geography.

The Hun Turks, who came from Central Asia, entered the region under the command of Balamber / Balamir in 374, and the destruction of the state of the Ostrogoths in 375 and the Visigoths in the same year caused these Germanic tribes to migrate to the west. This great migration, reaching as far as near to the Spain, in the history of “I. It is known as "Migration of Tribes".

 The event emphasized as “Migration of Tribes” is the raids of the Hun forces under the command of Uldız/Yıldız at the beginning of the 5th century, which caused a part of the Vandals and the Visigoths to migrate to Italy.

Migration of Tribes || Turkish History

 The Migration of Tribes played a major role in shaping the ethnic structure of today's Europe. The Vandal, Alan, Sueb and Visigoth communities who migrated to Spain became the first ancestors of today's Spaniards by mixing with the indigenous people of Spain. Likewise, Angles and Saxons took refuge in the British Isles and mixed with the native people of this place and formed the ancestors of the British.

The Roman Empire, on the other hand, was negatively affected by this migration after the Migration of Tribes, first divided into East and West Rome in 395, and then West Rome was destroyed in 476.

On the other hand, the Migration of Tribes in a way ended the Antiquities and became the beginning of the Middle Ages.

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