History of Jalal ud din Akbar || History of Mughal Empire

 Jalal ud din Akbar Shah Period (1556 – 1605) :

Akber Shah was only 14 years old when he became the sultan. Although he was very young, he commanded his army and undertook tough duties. However, state administration was not as easy as fighting. For this reason, the chief vizier Bayram Khan, who guided him in the administration of state affairs, had a say in the administration of the country. Until the age of 20, Akbar Shah had expanded his influence in the state administration of Bayram Shah, and had become sufficiently initiative to speak and decide on behalf of the ruler. Akbar Shah, who was 20 years old, took the powers of the vizier Bayram Khan by retiring him and sending him on a pilgrimage, and assumed the administration alone (1562).

History of Jalal ud din Akbar || History of Mughal Empire

The first and most important task of Akbar Shah was to eliminate the head-hunting movements within the state of the heirs of the sultanate, who were given extensive privileges and lands during the reign of Humayun Khan. He had outposts and camps set up in order to abolish this form of domination, which caused the beginning of the interregnum and the shaking of the authority in the state, and to quickly suppress possible new rebellion movements.

 Then, he went on an expedition against the principalities that put pressure on the central authority and disobeyed, and he firmly dominated Bengal in 1578, Kabul in 1581, Kashmir in 1587, Sind in 1592 and Kandahar in 1594 and became subordinate to the central authority. brought. Akbar Shah thus ended the interregnum and reallocated the authority of the state over the country.

Until the reign of Akbar Shah, only the Turks, who were the main element of the state, were serving in the palace, in state duties and in the army. The Indians, who were seen as a minority, were kept as subjects and taxed, but were not assigned to the state organization. However , the Turks, who were the majority in the years when the Mughal Empire was founded, were gradually becoming a minority in terms of population as the borders of the Empire expanded and the Indians living in the newly conquered geographies became subjects.

History of Jalal ud din Akbar || History of Mughal Empire

 As a result of this situation, Akbar Shah began to accept Indians for the civil service and army assignments granted to the Turks. With this decision of Akbar Shah, the Mughal Empire, which was an independent Turkish State,It will gradually begin to become Indian and in time, with the Turkish population becoming a minority, it will begin to become an Indian state.

During his 49-year long reign, Akbar Shah rendered exceptional services to his state, and in 1603 he fell ill and was unable to speak. He called his son Jahangir so that there would not be a struggle for the sultanate after him, and declared him the ruler with a sword and died in 1605.

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