Extra History Of Alp Er Tunga || Turk Legends in History

 Turkish history is a long and lofty road decorated with statues of heroism, glory and morality on both sides. In every step of this great road, countless heroes who will make the Turk's chest swell, raise his head and indicate his superiority are waiting for Turkishness. We can see many of these great people, who await our existence with their great spirituality, with the lights of history illuminating the way; We get knowledge from them, strength in our hearts and faith in our souls. Kılıç Arslans, Chingis and Yavuzs are among them.

Extra History Of Alp Er Tunga || Turk Legends in History

If we turn our eyes towards the end of this road, what we will see will be a smoke screen that gets thicker as we move away from us. Today, it is not entirely possible to pierce this smoke screen with our eyes and know what happened behind it, that is, the beginning of our history. However, our eyes, which we turn back by walking around this long glorious road, see or sense a gray wolf with its mane in places where the fogs increase and do not cover all sides. According to our present knowledge, this gray wolf is the first guardian of the glorious road called Turkish history. This hero is Alp Er Tunga.

 Alp Er Tunga is a great Turkish hero who lived in the seventh century BC. In those times, there were Turks named Saka in Turkistan, which was the cradle and homeland of the Turk. The Sakas were very warlike. The hero Alp Er Tunga, who was their leader, was a warrior valiant like every great Turkish hero. Since the light of history could not fully illuminate the seventh century BC of Turkestan, the cradle of the Turk, we today's descendants of that hero Turk do not know our oldest valiant ancestor exactly, we do not know how Alp Er Tunga lived, how he fought, and how he fought. But what we know briefly is that this hero chieftain was at the head of the Turanian Turks in the famous Turan-Iranian wars of history. He won victories on behalf of Turkishness against Iran, one of Turan's great enemies, and trampled the lands of this enemy nation several times with his armies. The Persians could not gain any success on the battlefields against this Turkish valiant, they only came to their knees in front of him. These old but incompetent enemies of Turan killed the Turkish hero, whom they could not defeat in the men's fields, by cheating in 624 BC, and left Turan headless with a success that befits them. Here is what we know about Alp Er Tunga. with a success worthy of them, they left Turan headless. Here is what we know aboutAlp Er Tunga. with a success worthy of them, they left Turan headless. Here is what we know about Alp Er Tunga.

Persian poet Firdevsi talks about this Turkish hero a lot in his Shahnameh, which is the epic history of Iranians. This oldest hero, whom the Turks called Alp Er Tunga, Buku Han or Buka Han, calls our ancestor Afrasiyab in the Persian poet epic. Firdevsi, who described the Turan-Iranian wars with great exaggeration in favor of the novices in his Shahname, had to say the heroism of the Turks and the Turkish Chief Alp Er Tunga in many parts of his work. It is not difficult to find the great heroism of Alp Er Tunga among the verses of the Şehname. Firdevsi, who used unimaginable exaggerations to raise his nation, could not hide the victories of Alp Er Tunga that brought Iran to heel. These Turkish victories written by the Shahnameh are not the complete truth, The second work that tells us the great heroism of Alp Er Tunga, whose historical personality we do not know exactly, is Divanü Lügati't Türk by the Turkist Turkish scholar Kaşgarlı Mahmut.

Extra History Of Alp Er Tunga || Turk Legends in History

 In this work of Kaşgarlı Mahmut, which was completed in 1077, there are some examples of poetry sung among the Turks in the era of the Karakhanids, one of which is a sagu (election) written for the hero Alp Er TungaAlp Er Tunga is a Turk who lived in the seventh century BC; Karakhanids, on the other hand, had dominated Turkestan in the tenth century AD. Considering the great time difference, the sagu sung for Alp Er Tunga in the Karakhanids era is enough to tell us the greatness of our oldest ancestor. If Alp Er Tunga had not been a great Turkish hero of the Turkestan lands, More than one thousand and five hundred years after his death, it would not be possible for his name and memory to live on. A stanza of this sagu, which also sees our hero as a "beg of virtue", is as follows:

Is Alp Er Tunga dead? Is there a cold ajun left? Did the coward take revenge? Suck heart is torn.

The Turkish nation, with its heroic nature, gave its heart to valor the most, that despite the passing of a great age that made this first heroic ancestor forget everything that has passed, they could not forget, after centuries, "Is Alp Er Tunga dead, is the bad world left, has time taken its revenge, now the heart is broken” she cried. No hero can be shown in the world so that his memory has lived in the heart of the nation for such a long time.

 Alp Er Tunga is a great hero. The fact that the Karakhanids consider themselves his descendants is to gain something from this heroism. Although the light of history cannot fully show us this oldest ancestor, who was waiting for the watch of Turkishness at the end of the glorious road we passed, this is not so important. Alp Er Tunga; Kür is the ancient ancestor of Şad, Chingiz, Yavuz, Topal Osman and briefly all Turks. And according to our knowledge today, he is the first Turkish hero.

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