Extra History Of Tomris || Turk Legends in History

 Among the countless male heroes of our history, there are also Turkish women who deserve to be called valiant. Tomris, who lived twenty-five centuries ago, is one of the greatest of these heroes, who fought with the enemies like privates on the battlefields, where there were places of heroism, and who dared to shed their blood for their nation and honor. This woman, whose real name should have been Demir, but whom the ancient Greek historians called Tomiris and Demurus, was from the Pecheneg Turks. It is not difficult to find out from the lines that history has left us that it is an iron like its name.

Extra History Of Tomris || Turk Legends in History

There were Saka and Pecheneg Turks in Turkestan in the sixth century BC. At the same time, there was the Achaemenid dynasty in Iran. During this dynasty, the Persian armies advanced towards the east and clashed with the Turks several ways. The most famous of these in history was built in the age when Tomris was the head of the Pechenegs.

Cyrus, one of the Achaemenids, first fought with the Sakas and defeated them, and captured the southern lands of West Turkestan. Ten years after these wars, Cyrus also fought with the Pechenegs. The reason for the conflict was that Cyrus wanted to marry the Pecheneg Ruler Tomris and the Pechenegs chieftain refused this request. One of the famous Turkish-Persian wars of history took place when this neighboring woman, who trampled the pride of the ruler of Iran, drove her armies east to take revenge on the chieftain. Kirus first encountered the Turkish vanguard under the command of Tomris's son and defeated them. Tomris' son killed himself in mourning of defeat by the enemy. Cyrus, who won this battle, marched on the main Pecheneg army under the command of Tomris, dreaming of adding a new one to his victories.

This clash, which was one of the wars that brought Turks and Persians face to face, was very bloody. First, the two armies bowed at very close range. This caress was so bloody that few warriors were left unharmed on either side. After this terrible start, the armies came face to face with spears and swords. This hard fight, in which the female chief of the Turks and the male ruler of the Iranians was the head, brought the end of the fight quickly. Alone; As in every battle in which heroism, military ability and intelligence prevail, those who excelled in heroism, military service and intelligence prevailed.

 The Pechenegs hit so hard that a large part of the Iranian army was laid on the ground. The enemy ruler Cyrus, who had come to take revenge on Tomris, was also left on the battlefield. This great Persian defeat not only adds a victory to our history, He was also giving a historical lesson to his proud Turkish enemies. Cyrus was a ruler who shed a lot of blood in his life. The heroic female ruler of the Pecheneg army, Tomris, treated this bloodshed ruler of the enemy army that he destroyed deservedly.

Extra History Of Tomris || Turk Legends in History

Throwing Kirus' head into a barrel full of blood: "You couldn't get enough of drinking blood in your life, now drink it to your heart's content!" said.

This is all the information history gives about Tomris. Although it is not impossible to defeat any enemy army and lay its head on the ground, considering the conditions, the magnitude of this victory becomes apparent. Cyrus is the male ruler of the mighty army of all Iran, while Tomris is a woman who makes a headdress of one of the Turks. In the victory of an army led by a woman, the share of glory that will fall on that woman is worthy of being counted as enviable.

 In addition, it is of particular value that this heroic woman, who beat the enemy with her army, fought in order not to marry the enemy ruler, that is, not to spoil the pure Turkish blood. Tomris, who dared to shed all that blood in order not to keep the blood in his veins intact and marched to the battlefield for this, is a good example for Turkish girls. Turkish girls with his blood in their veins should try to resemble the iron-hearted Tomris, who shines like a star in the darkness of history, not the juggling creatures of the white screen. It is a duty and an honor.

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