Turk Legends in History

Turk Legends in History :

 We live in an age where heroism and sacrifice are very necessary for the nation. We are in a world where there is no right to live for nations who do not know how to shed their blood without hesitation and who are afraid to walk against death without fear. Yesterday, heroes ruled the earth. Today, we are in heroic races. The world will be your heroes tomorrow. The horizons of nations that are not heroic and have lost their heroism will be covered with dark clouds from now on.

Turk Legends in History

It was our race that gave the most heroes to world history until today. As a historical right, our race must still exist from now on. There can be no other thought for a nation with a lineage of heroes. Should the Turk, who has been known and lived as the most heroic race in the world, lose this first national character from now on?

Heroes grow up by keeping their predecessors by example. For this reason, whichever nation has a lot of heroes in its history, there can be as many heroes among the youth of that nation. In this respect, it is the most natural thing for the Turkish race, whose history is full of countless well-known and unknown savages, to raise many new heroes from now on. As long as the old heroes are not forgotten and the old heroic spirit does not disappear from us.Believing that commemorating the great heroes of our history, learning about their bravery is one of the main things to do to keep our old unique heroic spirit alive, I was occasionally publishing some of our nation's well-known and unrecognized heroes under the title of "Heroes of Our Race" in Çınaraltı magazine.

Here i am sharing history of some Turk Legends.

  • Mete khan

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  • Tomris

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  • Alp Er Tunga

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 At the time when those articles were being published in Çınaraltı magazine, there were some of my friends and students who would like them to be made into a book later on. After that, I have decided to fulfill this offer and request that I have encountered many times, and I am creating this book by adding a few more to the ones published in Çınaraltı magazine.

Turk Legends in History

I would also like to point out that the heroes of our race, of course, the cases of valor here are not just what is briefly described. Those whose names are included in this book are a part of Turkish heroes. Apart from these, there are more Turkish heroes whose names are not so well known. Today, I can put together about thirty of those heroic regiments. If God gives health, I will try to increase and even complete their numbers in the future.

I present this book to the valiant youth and children of the Turkish race, who are descendants of the heroes in it, and I consider it a special luck to have it published while I was serving in the Turkish army in the army of heroes.

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