Extra History Of Mete Khan || Turk Legends in History

In our twenty-five centuries of history, we have many great gray wolves who have made headlines for our race with their steel will and great heroism. Mete khan is the first of these wolves who glorified Turkishness with his gray manes. According to our current knowledge, the hero and genius who first gathered our great nation, which has lived scattered for the last twenty-five centuries, but united many times, is Mete khan. We can find out the historical personality of Mete khan, who has earned the honor of realizing the national ideal of the Turkish race for the first time in history, from the shadows of distant history.

Extra History Of Mete Khan || Turk Legends in History

At the end of the third century BC, Turks named Kun lived in Mongolia. The head of the Kun was Tuman Yabgu. Tuman's son Mete khan was the heir. Mete khan had a stepmother, Tuman had a son from this woman. The stepmother was jealous of Mete khan's heirship and wanted her own son to go to this place. But tradition stood in the way. The ambitious woman devised a plan to win the throne for her son. The plan was this: to deceive Yabgu and send Mete khan hostage to the Yuezhi, then to declare war and ensure that the Kun heir is killed by his neighbors… Yabgu was deceived by his wife's deception. He declared war on the Yuezhi, whom he sent his son to. The Yuezhi wanted to destroy the Kun heir as a first step. But Mete khan acted more quickly and did not fall into the hands of his neighbors, he fled to the Kun country.

Tuman Yabgu, rejoicing at the salvation of his son, gave him ten thousand tents. Mete khan, on the other hand, started to have great vengeance against his father, stepmother and stepbrother. With this feeling of vengeance, he made an army of ten thousand people from the ten thousand tent people given to him. He began to train this army with unprecedented discipline. Mete khan tested them several times to understand the discipline spirit of the army. First, he fired arrows at his own horse and ordered all his soldiers to do the same. Some of the men could not afford it. Mete khan saw that the discipline in his army had not reached the level he wanted, and he had those soldiers beheaded. After a while, he made a second try. This time the order was too heavy. Mete khan had thrown the arrow at his lover, and the privates were going to throw it at their wives. Some soldiers, terrified, could not carry out the order. Mete khan had them beheaded as well. Then the third test made Mete khan happy. Because his father's order to shoot arrows on his horse was carried out by the whole army. The crown prince, seeing that the discipline in his soldiers was complete, marched on his father, corrupted Yabguyu, killed his stepmother and brother. He became Kun yabgu, sitting on his father's throne in 209 BC.

Tung-Hu (Dunxu) in Eastern Mongolia were very powerful when Mete khan, who understood the place of discipline in military service twenty-two centuries ago, became Kun Yabgu. The Tung-hu ruler wanted to take advantage of the Kun's weakness and the new Yabgun's inexperience. He sought an excuse for war for her. By sending an envoy, he wanted to buy a very valuable horse from the Kuns, from the age of Tuman Yabgu. Mete khan gathered his beg and asked his thoughts on the request of the neighboring ruler. Most of the beys put forward the idea of ​​not giving this horse, which is famous as the "treasure of the Kuns". Mete khan, on the other hand, said that a horse would not be spared from a neighbor. The horse has been sent. The neighboring ruler, who gave this move to the fear of the Kuns, sent a new envoy, this time asking for one of Mete khan's wives. Mete khan gathered his beard again. Almost all of the beys considered this request as a great unscrupulousness and put forward the idea of ​​expelling the ambassador.Mete khan, on the other hand, said that a woman from the neighbor would not be spared. The woman was sent. The utterly pampered Tung-hu ruler third requested an empty and desolate land between his state and the Kuns.

Mete khan collected the beards again. A few of the lords said that there was no big difference between giving this useless land and not giving it away. Mete khan showed great anger against this idea. He had given the horse and the woman as his own, not wanting to lead the Kuns into dangerous battles with their mighty enemies for a horse or his love. But the land was the foundation of the state and the honor of the nation. The land was not given. Mete khan, who shot the heads of the lords who could not see the difference between giving and not giving, suddenly walked over the Tung-hu. The Tung-hu ruler, caught by surprise, lost his homeland to Mete khan, and he himself died.

Extra History Of Mete Khan || Turk Legends in History

Mete khan, who had thus destroyed the danger in the East, then marched on the Yuezhi and defeated them. Kun Yabgusu, who wanted to gather the Turks under a flag, after subduing some begliks, also liberated the lands that the Chinese had once captured from the Turks. Mete khan, who had an army of 300,000 people, thus established the strongest state in Asia.

Kun Yabgusu had partially established the Turkish unity in the north with these victories. However, Mete khan wanted to settle accounts with China and finish his work. Finally, this wish was fulfilled. The two great states of Asia met. The Kun were under the command of Mete khan, the Chinese under the ruler Kao-ti. The Chinese emperor had sent spies toMete khan's headquarters in order to better understand the power of the Turks. Realizing this, Yabgu devised a plan to deceive the spies. He concealed his main elect army, leaving sick soldiers and skinny horses in his headquarters.

Not realizing this, the spies reported the situation to their emperor as it was. Kao-ti then advanced with his army, but when he thought he was going to victory, he fell into the trap that awaited him. Mete khan, after smashing the Chinese army, raided and besieged Kao-ti. The siege lasted seven days. The emperor, who did not receive any help from the commanders during this time, could not find any other way but to save his situation by sending secret men to Mete khan's wife and pleading. He got the emperor's wife.Mete khan, who was suspicious of the actions of one or two of his commanders at this time, loosened the siege when he was under the influence of his wife's words. The conquering emperor took advantage of this and escaped from the Turkish grip. Peace was soon made. The Chinese agreed to send the Kun an annual tax on cloth, wine, cotton, rice, and silk.

Mete khan always lived in peace by frightening China, always took taxes from the emperor, despite this, the famous Turkish raids against China were never lacking. Mete khan started the expeditions that would gather the Turks under a flag during the peace with his biggest enemy, China, and established a state stretching from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Yayık River and perhaps even further, by encompassing twenty-six Turkish chiefdoms. Here, the first Turkish union that we know with certainty today is a state that came into existence as a result of these expeditions.

When Mete khan closed his eyes in 174 BC, there was the head of the most powerful state in Asia and the united Turkish nation. At this time, the Turks had a population of only one province of the Chinese, but they were taking taxes from the great China, and it was Mete khan who brought the Turkishness to this superior position with his heroism, military service and genius.

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