History of Muhio-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alimgir || History of Mughal Empire

 Muhio-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alimgir Period (1658 – 1707) :

After the death of his father Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb became the ruler without having to struggle for the sultanate. However, after ascending to the sultanate, his brothers, who tried to gain privileges with the regional governments, became threatening his reign and the central authority. Awrangzeb, like his father, killed all his opponents who were a threat to him, and bloodily eliminated a possible struggle for reign.

History of Muhio-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alimgir || History of Mughal Empire

By having his brothers killed, Aurangzeb Khan significantly eliminated the threats to the sultanate. However, it was not possible to remove the influence of the Indian subjects in the state and army administration, which became a bigger problem. Because the Mughal Empire was now administered by Indian statesmen who held important positions in both the state and the army. Although this element had become a big problem due to its social repercussions, it had become insoluble.

 Increasing intrigues in the palace, conflicts between Turkish statesmen and Indian statesmen, statesmen who decided against the state to increase their influence were dragging the country into a great mess. Colonialism, which was the most important problem of the Mughal Empire, reached its peak during the reign of Aurangzeb Khan. In addition to the British colonialists operating in the country with privileged trade agreements, Dutch colonial companies were also active in the Mughal Empire.had applied to.

 When the opportunity to trade with the same privileged contracts among Dutch companies was provided, the country was completely flooded by foreign companies. In the following years, trade in the country will be almost entirely in the hands of foreigners, and the textile, food and city life of the Mughal peasants will come to the point of extinction by relying on the products and employment of colonial companies.

History of Muhio-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alimgir || History of Mughal Empire

While Aurangzeb Khan was gaining tax revenue through trade agreements and dominating his country with foreign companies, on the other hand, he was developing good relations with his neighbors to eliminate a possible border threat. He provided large financial aid to the Abyssinian Ruler, sent peace envoys to his other neighbors, and maintained good neighborly relations by enabling him to benefit from colonial activities. Starting from the period of jahangir Khan, the Mughal Empire followed the path of trade and the preservation of the existing domination regions.

 This weak policy prepared the end of the Mughal Empire. Because in the 80 years that have passed, conditions have matured, and the Mughal Empire It was the beginning of the end for him. The 48-year long reign of Aurangzeb Khan was the last period of the Mughal Empire, when it lived independently and in peace. Upon the death of Aurangzeb Khan in 1707, his son Bahadur Shah succeeded him.

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