Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Historical Places of Turkey :

The number of touristic places to be visited and seen in Turkey, which is a very rich country in terms of its historical texture, is quite high. The lands of the country have hosted different civilizations for centuries and many historical buildings inherited from these periods are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These historical places, which accept tourists from all over the world and are met with great interest, are worth visiting and seeing. In this article, we will give brief information about the historical beauties of Turkey by considering these places in their historical context. In this way, you can have general information about historical places and their names, and you can create a travel plan for yourself based on this.

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Cappadocia :

Cappadocia is a historical region dating back 60 million years, known to have formed with soft layers formed by lava and ashes sprayed from Erciyes, Göllü Mountain and Hasandağı, and eroded by rain and wind over the years, reaching its present form. This region, which has a very important place among our historical monuments, receives tourists from both the world and the country every year. In the region located in Nevşehir, the opportunity to travel with balloons, as well as the fairy chimneys, attracts the attention of tourists, and the texture of the city becomes a visual feast with the balloons. In addition, some of the elements that make Cappadocia attractive are its underground cities, various culinary delights and the opportunity to tour the region with ATV. Cappadocia, also known as Ürgüp Göreme,

Ephesus Ancient City :

Ephesus Ancient City, which is located within the borders of Selçuk district of İzmir province and dates back to 6000 BC, was built as a Greek city. The city, which later became an important Roman city, lived its most glorious periods in these times. In addition to being the capital of the Asian province, it was also the largest port city in the region with a population of 200,000 in this period. The region, which is under protection today, welcomes 1.5 million visitors a year from both the world and the country. The region is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and has been accepting tourists for the last century.

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Fethiye Tlos Ancient City :

Tlos Ancient City, located approximately 42 km east of Fethiye districtIt is located within the borders of Yaka Village. In the region, which receives an average of 35 thousand visitors a year, the road to the acropolis hill consists of steep slopes of approximately 500 meters, and with this feature, the acropolis environment is very sheltered. On the way to the castle, temple tombs carved into the hillside stand out. Tlos is a very remarkable region when considered in cultural, religious and economic contexts. The region offers unique archaeological data; It is possible to observe uninterrupted traces of the settlement from the Neolithic period to the Iron Age. It is known that this region, which also has traces of the Ottoman Period, was the intersection point of the trade routes of the region in the 18th century. The region, which has a very important place among the historical monuments of Turkey, is among the historical heritages worth visiting.

Likya yolu :

Lycian Way, which is located between Fethiye and Antalya and has a historical quality, is among the frequented areas of travelers and tourists today. It takes an average of one and a half months to complete the road on foot. There are various rest areas, camping facilities and road signs placed on the road to prevent the passengers from leaving the walking route. Cycling is also often preferred for travel. There are various historical and touristic places in the vicinity of the area. If these areas are visited, the travel time will be extended. Opened in 1999 by Kate Clow, the Lycian Way now accepts tourists from all over the world. It is stated that the best time to walk the Lycian Way, which accepts visitors every season of the year, is between April and September.

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Bodrum castle :

Bodrum Castle, which has become the symbol of Bodrum, a port city, has an important place among the historical places in our country. Built in 1402, the castle of St. Built by the Knights of St. Jean, the castle was first called St. Peter's. It is known that the region was an island in ancient times, then it was connected to the city and turned into a peninsula. The castle has a square plan and measures 180 x 185. There are various towers inside the castle, these towers are called by the names of different countries; The highest ash among them is the French Tower with a height of 47.5 meters. The castle, which has an average of 15 thousand visitors per week during the tourism season, is met with great interest by foreign tourists and has a very important place among historical monuments in Turkey.

Gümüşkesen Monument :

Gümüşkesen, which is a grave monument, has a very magnificent appearance. All of the material used in the construction of this monument, which is known to have been built between 160 and 180 AD, consists of gray veined marbles brought from the quarries on Mount Sandra. It is estimated that this tomb monument, built during the Roman period, belonged to one of the rich families of the city. The monument consists of a burial room, a columnar section where religious ceremonies are held, and a high attic. Its similarities with the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world, are often emphasized; On the other hand, Gümüşkesen has many unique features. It has a special place among the historical places of Turkey.

Xanthos and Letoon Ancient Cities :

The ancient cities of Xanthos and Letoon, which are 4 km away from each other, have a very long cultural history and both are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Xanthos Ancient City , 46 km from Fethiye , is located near the village of Kınık. It came under Persian rule in 545 BC and was completely independent before. Nearly a hundred years after it came under Persian rule, s-city was completely burned and then rebuilt. It is possible to come across Lycian traditions, Hellenistic and Roman period influences in the structures inside. Letoon Ancient City, often referred to as XanthosIn ancient times, it comes to the fore with its religious importance. The region, which is home to various temples and monasteries, attracts the attention of tourists. In addition, Letoon Ancient City is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Xanthos.

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

The ancient city of Troy :

The ancient city of Troy, which is located on the skirts of Kaz Mountain and stands out with its historical features, is located within the provincial borders of Çanakkale. The Ancient City of Troy, also known as Troy, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998. Its history dates back to 3000 BC. As a result of the excavations carried out since 1871, it was determined that the city was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It is told that a war broke out in the ancient city of Troy, which is known to have hosted the world's first beauty contest. The theaters, baths and various archaeological finds inside are welcomed by tourists, and thousands of tourists come to visit the region every year to see these structures.

Gobeklitepe :

Göbeklitepe, located in Şanlıurfa, is the oldest known collection of cult structures. Göbeklitepe, known to have hosted the first civilizations in history, has extremely important historical features. The region, which is the first known center of worship, is also important in terms of the history of religions. The finds in this area, which was built 12,000 years ago, have changed world history. There are many unsolved mysteries of this historical building, for which various documentaries have been made. Every year, countless researchers visit Turkey to study Göbeklitepe, where the interest of the scientific world is always fresh. A large part of the historic district is open to tourist visits.

Most Popular Historic Sites of Turkey

Istanbul :

Also known as the city of seven hills, Istanbul has a very important place in world history. It has a very important position in terms of trade as it connects the Asian continent to the European continent; For this reason, it has been the apple of the eye of empires throughout history. The city, whose historical texture is largely preserved, is exposed to the intense interest of tourists.

Ankara :

Ankara, which stands out with its feature of being the capital city, is also very rich in terms of archaeological finds. The first fossil primate remains with human character in Anatolia were found in Ankara. Its Museum of Civilizations is worth seeing.

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